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Doczy: 08 Mar 2008
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Wysany: 27 Grudzie 2008, 17:09   Forum Help


This forum was made in care of polish users. Please don’t get mad because not all informations are translated but we are working on it.

I’ll try to introduce you the process of registration and other useful things about forum.

Ok., let’s start.

[size=99px]1. Registration:[/size]

1a. At the start you need just to click button at the top. Picture will show you which:

1b. Second step are conditions. As you know they are necessary and every forum got them. So you may ask „how to accept them?” It’s really simple, you need only to click on the text as the picture shows:

1c. Creating an account. This part may seem to be hard but I’ll explain step by step:

- At this lap you will need to write your nickname, e-mail adress, password (informations marked with * are necessary to write). First the nickname:

Write there your nickname eg. xyz

- Now the e-mail adress:

Write there you e-mail adress eg. <a></a>

- Password:

Then you will need to rewrite it in this panel:

- Veryfication key:

Rewrite the same numbers which are on the banner.

- Language:

Click on the tap called „Preferencje” (eng. Preference). Then when you will be there simply change language from Polish to English

When all is ready click on bar showed on the picture:

[size=99px]Congratulations you made an account![/size]

[size=99px]2. Account options:[/size]

At this panel you can edit your account and write there many informations:

1. User rank, also named as user title. You can write here your own SHORT sentence.
2. ICQ number.
3. Website.
4. Location.
5. Interests.
6. Gender.
7. Date of birth.
8. Signature panel. You can write here whatever you want and put various signatures. Maximum file size is 400x50 px (width/height) and 88kB and 255 signs.

Avatar panel:

Maximum size of avatar is 110x110 (width/height).

[size=99px]3. Moving on forum:[/size]

3a. How to add movie.

If you decide to add a movie you must go to specified section.

NOTICE: When you add movies remember to write in title yours nickname and date of movie.

Also put them into window mode by using youtube tags [youtube]link[/youtube] eg.


[size=99px]IMPORTANT! Remember to delete "de" from the link because movie won't be in window. [/size]

3b. Shuffler’s map.

If you want to add your home co-ordination you can simply do it by adding them to our map. Just head to green inscription placed under forum logo.

At first you need to click at location editing bar:

When you will do this you need to find your home location at the map (for example let’s take mine):

Then simply click on right miniature:

After that you will be able to see co-ordinates:

Now you only need to accept them by pressing this button:

When everything is ready you can browse map, to do this press this button:

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