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Association rules!
Autor Wiadomo

Wiek: 31
Doczy: 23 Lis 2007
Posty: 1951
Skd: Siemianowice Śl.
Wysany: 8 Grudzie 2008, 19:22   Association rules!

1. Its allowed to speak only in English. Posts and topics written in another language will be immediately removed!
2. If you want to comment a movie you should carefully think about your evaluation. This is mainly targeted for new users, who only began their adventure with Melbourne Shuffle. Remember that youre honest comment is very appreciated, but this must be done in an fair form so that it dont affront other users.
3. Posts, which are off-topic, and intended to insult anyone or to provoke quarrels, they are immediately removed and punished. Our common interest is to keep a nice and friendly international relations atmosphere.
4. from current users we require constructive criticism and give guidance to novices, so as to help them in developing a passion.
5. not allowed is spamming as a type of "Agree!", "+1", etc.
6. We write only in the correct form of language (for example, banning the use of substitutes: "W8" - instead wait and abbreviations instead of "IMO" - in my opinion).
7. we dont write with just big letters, especially in the topic thread.
8. The Offtopic Thread is intended for discussions on any topics, the user thread is to welcome the newbies with other users of the forum, and the video thread is to show your videos.
9. We dont place on the forum pirate links of the music of DJ's, etc. without the permission of the author. That also contains the removing of pages containing links to pirated stuff.
10. Who dont respect the rules can get a warning, the blocking of accounts in the worst cases, ban of IP and nickname.
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